Bear Wars 2

wars 2 new


“Basking Ridge: Population 66,666. Average commute: 66.6 minutes. Percent of population that drives to work: 66.6%”

Rainier couldn’t believe what he was reading in Evangelopedia. This was probably the most anti-Bear, anti-paradise city in all of Anglo-Exxonia – at least according to the link he clicked on.

His company had been deployed to New York City where they easily blended in with the semi-homeless musicians of the lower East Side in their avant-garbage winter fashions.

“All those sixes. I don’t know what to think…” Rainier’s voice faded into the hissing of razor-claw missiles landing on the Jersey City side of the Holland tunnel.

Private Rainier was a brave, well-spoken young bear, but his voice grew thin with hunger. He had spent the last four hours vomiting up chemical-laden fish his company had found floating in the Hudson River the night before. Electric sushi, they called it.

At that moment, an SUV packed with escaping commuters failed to stop at their Holland Tunnel Bear checkpoint. Vue, a new recruit from Ellesmere Island (ice melted three months after the war started), pounced on the sport-utility vehicle and accidentally went through the windshield feet-first, her lower claws tearing off the skin of the driver’s face.

“Oops,” she giggled.

Tonight they would dine on something more substantial than the anemic trout with bleeding lesions from the day before. It’d be electric sushi with face scraps for everyone!

(Watch for “Bear Wars 3,” coming soon to a blog near you)


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