Gay Nationalism

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The heterosexual is not really your friend.

Sure, you may have heterosexual cohorts at work, get along well with your straight family members, and even connect better (or so you think) with your hetero friends than you do with the other homos you know.

But these people would never really defend you if they were forced to choose between helping you and enjoying a comfortable life under a gay-bashing tyranny. They would throw you away like a discarded toy from their childhood.

Even though gay people appear to blend in and receive the reluctant “acceptance” or “tolerance” of the hetero majority, we must never think for a second that we are part of their culture or societies.

For reasons of instinct and adaptability, the heterosexual is our competitor, not our partner. The charade of gays integrating into straight societies will end just as soon as economic conditions worsen.

So in the meantime, we must always be ready for the worst from our heterosexual neigbors.


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