Gay Inversion Rapture

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How do I know if I have it?

Having sex with straight  men is a type of social game of chance that many gay men find challenging and life-affirming. I’ve played this game myself, and “won” a few times. Winning usually involves manipulating men who are desperately horny into agreeing to do some kind of sexual act with you that involves orgasm completion and little more.

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The politics of GIR

Trying to sleep with hetero-men is the Bush Doctrine of globalized gay sex: it involves some pre-emptive homo attack-sex  (cock and awe), and the drama of this shock is used to mask inner feelings of insecurity. Pursuing this as a gay social persona, one’s own unfulfilled domestic needs of  love, tenderness, and belonging are forgotten in order to concentrate on forcing some semblance of these abstracted ideals onto the outside world. And so the search for a straight man to save – a constructed foil who gives the gay narrative a bad guy (or bad sexuality) with which to become a hero by saving.

The well-meaning gay imperialist often believes that perhaps the entire world is gay but just really, really repressed and in need of being saved. And this saving replaces any kind of inner change that might produce personal fulfillment of the same needs that are projected and fulfilled via domination of the other in Bush Doctrine gay sex.

Nonetheless, victory is victory, and I could see myself standing on an aircraft carrier with “Inversion Fantasy Accomplished” emblazoned on a huge banner featuring a rainbow flag. There I am, prancing in front of the cameras like a real attention whore – an international social climber. “Look at me! I am amazing! I am the new messiah!”

Meanwhile, all the smart people are staring at my accomplishment with horror. “What kind of arrogance allows someone to be so vain and stupid at the same time?” they are asking themselves between doritos and gulps of diet Pepsi.

A cautionary tale

Of course, Inversion Fantasy Syndrome isn’t supposed to provide people like me with a goal. It was never supposed to turn into The Gay Dream. It’s more accurately a social condition, a fetish, a disorder, and a cult of snobbery.

Inversion Fantasy Syndrome describes a social phenomenon that occurs when smalltown gays and their more savvy urban cousins finally come out their closets in the large cities and begin to form their own small communities and family-type units.

Many of these gay social capital noobs try to avenge their high school trauma by treating straight acquaintances and tourists with the same ridicule that they experienced as closeted adolescents. Freshly-out gays  frequently calm their existential fears with schadenfreude, finding reasons to sneer and judge straight white trash or whatever social group they had previously felt rejected by. “Take that, you straight trash breeders!” They invert the hostility and rejection they themselves felt, and they fantasize of a gay world that needs saving. Thus, it is called Inversion Fantasy Syndrome.

Post-rapture paradise absence

A major problem with attempting to bring this fantasy to life is that other lives are involved who aren’t in on the fantasy. Play-Pretend Inversion is never going to lead to a real world sexuality rapture where all the men – both gay and straight – begin to speak in gay tongues. The inversion is a personal fantasy, and not a sexual, physical way to be in this world. Even if it were possible and a true physical inversion occurred and gays were suddenly 90% of the population of every nation on earth, it would be the straights who would adopt the snobbish and cackling coping strategies that gays use today. The fantasy is supposed to remain in the metaphysical world, where it was created through masturbation memories, and if lived out in the real world, would lead to a lot of angry victims.

Gay Inversion Rapture – a dangerous ideology? Or is it the appropriate founding chauvinism of the first Gay nation-state?


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