Make Male Homosexuality Mandatory

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mandatory homosexuality

Human history and the instrumentalist social evolution of human societies  has reached a critical juncture; a fork in the road. It can easily be said that we live in interesting times; times of change, of panic, and of opportunity.

Times like ours are the perfect eras to introduce radical ways of reorganizing society to make it work better. In our times, this may mean making it work better with its natural surroundings.

As we are currently so close to collapse, it’s important that all novel ideas (heresies) be carefully considered and some of them immediately implemented by a few wise governments and other institutions in order to test their effectiveness in helping the human species survive within the confines of nature.

For my part, I propose that males be obliged – by law – to become homosexual. There are four main reasons why I believe this would improve human societies and make them more compatible with nature:

1. Heterosexual mating rituals have evolved into wars that kill millions, and no longer ensure a “stronger” genetic pool.

In the past, there have been gay armies and mandatory homosexuality laws. But in our current world order, male homosexuality is associated with pacifism and non-violence. Bitchiness prevails, but the use of DU and cluster bombs is a distinctly heterosexual male ritual.

2. Homosexual men do not contribute to overpopulation, or the repression of women.

Not all heterosexual men procreate or repress women, but a critical mass of them do, and this negatively affects the social norms and living conditions of everyone else. It has to be stopped.

3. Heterosexual men do not mix well in coed situations. They make mixed gender activities problematic, thus contributing to a division among humans by gender.

They often enjoy these coed activities, but their presence ends up turning the female participants into sexualized prima donnas who are rendered unable to act in a spontaneous and relaxed way.

4. By opening men up to empathy in other men, it will foster greater friendship relations among males in general, a gender that has extremely low quality friendships because of its “natural” inclination towards violence towards other males.

Gay male sexuality is the social lubricant that helps us all fit together. By removing heterosexually-motivated social aggression, society can use its resources to improve people’s security instead of wasting resources on weapons and hyperconsumption in a straight-male-driven competitive society.

Please join me in praying for mandatory homosexuality in males.


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