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Qatzel Ok (pronounced kat-zul-OCK) has been writing vitriol-charged rants and satirical short stories for a few years, after having discovered the Internet by accident while working in television post-production.

The discussion forum Politics Forum was instrumental in fostering Qatz’s interest in writing for the Internet. While at first providing a handy tool for wasting time while bored at work, this forum came to play an increasingly important role in Qatz’s life, driving him to Concordia University to study Political Science and Media, and then Sciences Po Paris to study gravitas. The mission was to develop and deploy a popular language with which to express post-modern angst and cultural critique using a short and easy-to-read format suitable for Internet users.

Obsessed with the environment and the way human texts often conspire against it condemning animalkind in the process, Qatzel Ok relies on irony, soundtracks, images and familiar media memes to weave his short and concise stories.

(courtesy of Gregory Tavormina)

How To Read Qatzel Ok

Qatz typically posts stories before they are ready to be published, and then goes back and edits them a few times in the first week. Then, many months later, he may decide to upgrade some stories by adding or removing words, or by improving a few awkward lines of text. For this reason, a Qatzel Ok story can be quite different the second or third time you read it. It’s living text.

Most Qatzel Ok texts include an illustration and a soundtrack. To enjoy the soundtrack the way it was intended, configure your browser so that links like this one open in a new tab behind the one you are viewing.


(March 9, 2009)
Currently, Qatzel is uploading many stories that he previously wrote on other sites and in other places, including Politics Forum. This may take a month to complete. And though he is refining these stories extensively, there will be no completely new stories until these older ones are brought up to blog quality and published here.

In the meantime, you can get a sneak peak at what’s to come by visiting Politics Forum.

(March 24, 2009)
It’s near the end of the semester, so Qatz is busier than usual at the moment writing papers and giving presentations. For this reason, there has been a noticeable slowing down of the text transfer from other sites. However, to compensate, Qatz has provided a new text – Madonna’s Foreign Policy – as this blog’s first exclusive.

(April 21, 2009)
Almost all of the Free Market Jesus stories have been transferred. When this happens in about one week’s time, there will be new FMJ stories.

Polar Bear Fiction and Farfour Fiction are taking a bit longer to transfer because there are more of them, and because editing them requires a lot more work since they were written a long time ago, and haven’t been edited in a year or more.

Otherwise, qatzelok blog readership is slowly climbing –  8 readers per day – and that’s already better than the Time magazines in my dentist’s waiting area.

(June 4, 2009)
Most of the fiction from PoFo and other sources has been published, and the first new blog-exclusive story has appeared: Ann Monrovia Fiction has left the car-port. Readership is small but loyal. Soon, Qatzel Ok will be a household name.

(August 7, 2009)
The blog now contains 50 short stories, and many of the latest ones are world premieres. Ann Monrovia Fiction and Gay Politik categories have been added as the Free Market Jesus Fiction and Farfour Fiction categories have been completely transferred from their former homes. It’s going to get very hot around this blog in September, so stay tuned!

(August 14, 2010)
Now at 68 short stories, many of the older ones have been edited over the last year, and a new category – Sad Pet Stories – has been added. This blog has been joined by two other Qatzel Ok blogs which you can access through the links on the home page.

(March 28, 2012)
The cycle of life has lead to a few older stories being deleted, while the birth of a new category – Steel City Fruit limited – has introduced a new demographic to the Qatzel Ok experience. Readership has doubled since this time last year, and marketing teams have been hired to focus-group various storyline strategies and fundraising schemes.


QatzTeez. S-M-L unisex 19,99 $

5 Responses to “About the author”

  1. Martha Says:


    So glad you’re still a freak, and channeling that freakness into an entertaining, if sometimes incomprehensible blog. Keep up the good work.


  2. Mikolaj Says:

    This site is a gem!

  3. brushmyteethwithcoffee Says:

    Quit whatever it is you’re doing and write more Farfour

  4. qatzelok Says:

    Okay then, I will quit whatever I’m doing right now and write a Farfour.

  5. Mr Bill Says:

    Keep up the good work, Qatz!

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